a written verse

Hello, I haven't been here for quite sometime and I went through a stage where my faith was slipping. Everything was hollow and empty and bleak the more I became enstranged from it. I'm doing my best to strengthen it again. So here is a little verse I wrote about where I'm at now.


Will God take me back?

Before the fog turns black

I didn't mean to let go and my job can't keep me intact...

Not without you Lord

Impossible to move forward

Not hostile so in the dirt for whatever it's worth is my sword

Serpents only know a shallow world

Vermin is certain to pull back any curtains on what I believe I deserve...

Maybe I do 

Maybe I'm due 

Crazy since my hay day but who am I to you?...

Holy pages deserve to be turned

Cold and deranged without them so I don't know if I will burn

I'm not even owed at turn...

But I feel your forgiveness 

It's too real so I'm more than listening.


Welcome back

Good to hear from you once again. And glad you're strengthening your faith also. It's a long haul journey for sure but God's grace is amazing. Thank you for sharing your work here also! Keep it up - and maybe your writing may help you process some of what you're going through, can be very therapeutic :-)

From adversity to versification

Alex: Stay strong in the faith. I found poetry quite therapeutic as well as intellectually and artistically stimulating. Several of my poems turned into songs. You can see the questions I posed and the observations I made here: indwellings.com

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com


Hi guys, thanks for the kind and supportive words and feedback. I was not raised a Catholic growing up and my family weren't religious in any sense. It was seven or eight years ago I started attending church and as strong as my faith is, there are moments where I feel myself losing grip and slipping away from it all. I know it's not the right way because it doesn't feel "right" and there is an emptiness that is cold and hollow when I drift. I cant talk to any blood relatives about any of it but luckily my wife's faith is very strong and I wanted to just check back in here and let you know where I am at as your faith and devotion is an inspiration. I will check that link also Richard. Hope everyone is well. God  bless.
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