Stronger Together (new track 2018)

1st Verse:

The older I get

The less shoulders get wet...

Because I've cried a lifetime

I used to hide at night time...

Until I found GOD and I tried harder

I reach for the sky but I don't want to die a Martyr...

I just want to share some words

I just want to care in this world...

My heart spills through my pen

So this art won't kill what's in my head...

I have had demons in the past and they still linger 

Trying to open my scars but these fingers...

Make the sign of the cross

Take some wine cos I'm not lost...

And communion

But realising at the same time I'm only human.


Words come straight from my heart 

That is the only ingredient to make this art

And an immediate break from the dark

Which I hope lasts a long time cos it was GOD from the start.

2nd Verse:

I feel life and I love people

I still write just minus the evil

These times can leave us feeble

I turn to GOD and the church

And learn what we are all worth...

From any country and any status

Its not about money more like a combined Atlas

We get signs everyday that are fantastic...

Call me this or whatever you wish

If I fall im still free like water around a fish...

There is still a lot I dont understand

Just the love of the son-of-man...

We are all welcome

And can keep helping...

Each other - every day

Brothers and sisters - lets pray.



Giving it a voice

I'll lay it down soon. Keep that love pen flowing!

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |