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9/23/2022 update. Watch my EWTN interview on YouTube.

At Long Last

At long last, I will make a reappearance on national TV on September 19, 2022.  That is when the long running The Journey Home series will have me as their guest.  This is a show where converts to the Catholic faith share their stories.  I follow a long tradition of intellectual theological giants and philanthropists, and, now that they’ve run out of such, they decided to ask me on to share my story.

Picture: that’s me on The Journey Home

These last nearly thirty years have had their ups and downs, whereas I had wanted a venue to share my story.  At last it has come.  Marcus Grodi, the original host, had just passed the torch to his son, JonMarc Grodi for interviewing duties.

First, They Flew Me In

They flew me in back in April.  Their television studio is in the middle of a rural area in Ohio, where the Grodi family farms on the side.  They had an incredible library indoors, filled with all sorts of theological books, both pro and anti-Catholic.  I came with another former Episcopalian (actually a Charismatic Episcopalian, whereas I grew up Episcopalian in a parish with charismatic leanings),  Fr. Randy Sly.  He went first, which gave me time to gather my thoughts and try to salvage my poor sleep the night before.

The unique aspects of my testimony touch upon my upbringing, my positive experiences in the Christian groups I had participated in, and the tensions I felt with Mary, the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation, and the issue of women in the priesthood.  My own personal faith journey began when I was fourteen years old, which was the age of my children when I taped this broadcast, so it gave me a sense of empathy of what my own parents probably endured when I was discovering a deeper union with God being possible.

All in All

All in all, I think I did pretty good.  Matt Swaim, who produces the show, said of my testimony “your taping was hilarious, heartfelt, endearing, and insightful, just as I’d hoped it would be! Can’t wait to share it in August.”   Despite the month delay, it’s finally here.  If you watch anything at all on September 19, make sure you watch The Journey Home as well.

As an aside, if you think that I might be a good speaker for your upcoming event, feel free to bring me in.

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