Song Lyric: From the Heart & Mind

SONG LYRIC:  In my heart and mind
By:  Dan Vi Nu Nguyen

In my heart and mind, I still have a desire
A desire to love God, Jesus Christ, and brothers and sisters
The will to share my gifts and talents with God
To our brothers and sisters
In the name of Jesus Christ.

A desire to serve God, Jesus Christ
The ultimate dream and hope from the heart
To serve our brothers and sisters
To offer my gifts and talents from God to you
My brothers and sisters.

A desire to serve God, Jesus Christ
By offering me to God, Jesus Christ, from the heart
My talents and gifts that God gives to me
Of who I am in the image of God, Jesus Christ
To my brothers and sisters.

Take me in your heart, Jesus Christ
And house me in the house of God
Care for me and accept me as a Child of God
Call my name to heaven with you, oh Lord Jesus Christ
On the day I deserve you, Jesus Christ.
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