Solemnidad de la Santísima Trinidad C - Salmo 8 - ¡Qué admirable, Señor, es tu poder!

Learn how to sing psalms in Spanish! Get your free download of guitar lead sheet and audio demo for Solemnidad de la Santísima Trinidad - Ciclo C - Salmo 8 - ¡Qué admirable, Señor, es tu poder! (Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, Cycle C, How wonderful, Lord, is your power)

Anthony Moran composed the melody and sent me his a capella demo (recorded on an Zoom H2 digital recorder). I added my own vocal parts and played the instruments, mixing the psalm in Apple Logic Pro X. Opening drone video and bird images by Etienne Wansa of Lebanon.

Musica: Anthony Moran © 2019, Catholic Liturgy in Song
Texto: Leccionarios I, II y III. © 1987, 2004, Comisión Episcopal de Pastoral Litúrgica de la Conferencia Episcopal Mexicana.

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