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Andre, thank you for continuing to post your Sibelius engraving tips.
Author: Gretchen Harris (not verified)
SCRC has always been a great spiritual shot-in-the-arm for me. I started attending many years ago and now have been in the exhibitor booth with my Catholic singer friends for around ten years. We have the opportunity to chat with the attendees and also sing for them at lunch and dinner. Lots of music ministry at this wonderful Spirit-filled Charismatic conference in Anaheim, CA!
Author: Ricardo Lardo
Nick, I enjoyed your article. Good hymn adaptation. Good idea to contemporize old songs like this. 
I purchased your album at CDBaby and have been enjoying it. I really like Hosea, Cry of the Poor and Blest Are They. Tell me about Ave Maria. Is it your own composition? Are there words for it? You have excellent production values. I am jealous that you play piano so well. And your voice has a pleasing timbre and fluidity with perfect pitch. I only play guitar – and not very well. My resonant voice is hard to control.  I am so glad you signed on at and posted your...
Indeed! I, too, am a baritone! Your hymn selections and styling interest me greatly. I purchased your album and am enjoying your artistry. 
Author: catholicjon
Thank you, Richard. I appreciate your interest and receptiveness regarding my music. I hope it is something that you and many others will enjoy. God bless you in all your endeavors! -Jonathan 
Jonathan, thanks for sharing news of your new album. I will check it out!
Author: Andre van Haren
You're welcome, Richard. Many more to come still!
André, thank you for your quick tips which break down a complex, deep program into manageable tasks. Your series makes Sibelius accessible to beginners like me. 
Author: Andre van Haren
Thanks for posting, Richard! I really hope Sibelius users will be helped by these videos and posts. best wishes, André
I looked around but couldn't find it yet. Sounds like a nice song. I hope you can track it down. 
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
Did you look at GIA Publications? They have different choral series.
Here is a beautiful Divine Mercy chaplet in song by Mark Silverbird and his family that is fully orchestrated with a choir that you can add to your list: God bless Sent to contact form at by Reuben Ortiz
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
hello everyone, does anyone know the title of this song" i know someone, who cares for me, and im sure im not alone for she's my mother dear, is she beautiful, is she wonderful, is she smiling charming lover, lady Mary, dearest mother, thank you, thank you evermore" i really really love this song, its quiet old, and i dont hear this being sung in churhes, and i miss this song so much, thanks in advance.
Susan, I am excited for your healing and want to spread your testimony of God's grace.
Author: Susan Bailey (not verified)
Richard, thank you for sharing this! I saw it on my stats. You are very kind.
Info about John Michael's new TV series is here: John Michael Talbot ministries grow into TV, new houseDonations help produce eight-part series to be broadcast on Church Channel One of the best-selling and most prolific Catholic musicians is coming to a television channel near you. Donations have exceeded $10,000 in response to a fundraising appeal by John Michael Talbot, founder of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity,...
Author: Andre van Haren (not verified)
Thanks, Richard. I will see if I can post all the tips here one by one. I just finished 7 video tutorial tips on using lyrics in Sibelius 6 and am ready to start a new subject. Any suggestions?
Thank you for sharing your Sibelius knowledge, André. You now have quite a collection of quick tips. Creating sheet music of my songs is very important to me, especially notating piano and entering lyrics for solo voice or SATB. You help to take the mystery out of Sibelius. I always found Sibelius easier to use than Finale. I wonder what other readers here think about Siblelius vs. Finale. 
Author: Sonority
Awesome! This is a very worthy show. Great music and words of peace and reconciliation.
Author: ANDRIAN CHANDRA (not verified)
Holy Week - Collectively referred to as the Passion, Jesus' suffering he give themselves up to the cross to be led by the Holy Spirit, affirms that is was God's plan for Him to suffer when He addressed His disciples these convictions to inspire a passion the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Order of the Holy Passions of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that are in Christ Jesus have crucified with the passions died on the cross, Jesus the Christ lived a holy life our Lord in His passion by asking...
Re: "I heard it sung by him" – I presume you are talking about Marty Haugen singing "In the Cross of Christ." You are correct. He wrote it.
Author: Anonymous (not verified)
I heard it sung by him also back when i was still in my elementary years. Been looking for the lyrics in the internet.. and found this link.. it's a really beautiful song i believe he's the one who composed it also.
Author: Valerie (not verified)
These are wonderful suggestions, everyone! Thank you. Yes, I will sing it at our church when we also sing Word Three from "The Seven Last Words of Christ". Very powerful, but I wanted my piece to be much simpler. I need the sheet music, if at all possible. Sorry I didn't give more details. Perhaps something could be spliced with the original hymn (English translation)? I don't know. I love the idea of showing both aspects of Stabat Mater. Thank you for the ideas. I really appreciate the time...
Hello, Dan! Great to hear from you. That is truly amazing about your church in the United Arab Emirates being one of the largest Catholic parishes in the world. You are one of the first contributors to the new TCS forum which I set up last week. Your comments and suggestions are very much appreciated. In fact, I had thought about song uploads. I will look for a Drupal CMS module which not only uploads MP3 files but allows the artist to create a profile page for managing their music and...
Author: SpiritN3D
This comment has been promoted to a Forum Topic here. Hello Richard, this is Dan of SpiritN3D, living and working in Dubai, UAE. Although the UAE is in the Middle East and is 98% Muslim, would you believe one of the largest Catholic parishes in the world is located here?? That's right...Saint Mary's. There are approximately 250,000 parishoners attending mass each weekend. 30 masses every weekend starting on Friday morning through Sunday evening!!. Just wanted to say that I like your site. As a...
Daystar Shine Down On Me might be the song you are looking for. However, I can't figure out where "Mary, Mary" came from. Daystar Shine Down On Me Lily of the Valley, let your sweet aroma fill my life Rose of Sharon show me how to grow in beauty in God's sight Fairest of ten thousand make me a reflection of your light Daystar shine down on me let your love shine through me in the night Lead me Lord, I'll follow. Anywhere you open up the door Let your word speak to me, show me what I've never...
I've approached songs different ways, sometimes starting with a poem scratched on paper, sometimes starting with an instrumental track someone gave me. I have co-written, too, helping someone improve their lyrics or add verses. Sometimes the words rhyme. The stanzas normally rhyme, but you can do free verse, too. Important thing is the meter and flow. Do the words flow easily from your lips to the ear of the listener? Are you stressing the syllables correctly? That's especially important in...
Traditional Lenten hymns – which ones are your favorites? On 2/19/2014 Nick Alexander wrote to members of three Catholic songwriter groups: I am getting input from those who love traditional music as to what their favorite Lenten hymns may be. I have scoured through all the hymnals I have access to and listed all those which fit the Lenten theme. It is a considerable list – 129 in all. These hymns are so rich in poetry and theology, some written by Saints, some written by the...
Author: Ricardo Lardo
Maybe more photos and videos. The site is text heavy.