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Ephesians (The Mystery of the Lord)

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We live as one body in Christ
God's gift of Grace, His sacrifice...

Psalm 90: Fill Us With Your Love

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I love writing music for Psalms. It makes my job as a songwriter that much easier (kidding). But especially with Psalms, I have God as my lyricist! 

Here are the lyrics:

Fill us, fill us with Your love 
And we will sing for joy
We will sing for joy

Fill us with Your love forever
Fill us with Your joy o Father
Fill us with Your love forever
Fill us with Your joy o Father

Teach us to count up the days
And we shall come to the heart of wisdom.   
Come back, how long must we wait?
Take pity on your servants.   

Fill us with Your faithful love
And we will be happy all our days   
Let our joy be for all time
For the love You've given us   

Show us all the things you do
Let our children see Your splendor!  
Give all Your sweetness to us
To confirm what we have done  

Psalm 40: Lord, Come to My Aid

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Pretty straight-forward song for Sunday, August 18, 2019. You can copy/paste into your ChordPro editor:

{t:Psalm 40:Lord Come to My Aid}
{st:Brendan Delumpa}

[Bm]Lord,[Gmaj7] come to my [A]aid
O [D]Lord,[D/G] come to my [Asus]aid[A]

{c:Verse 1}
I've [Bm]waited for the [Gmaj7]Lord [A]
He stooped down toward me
[D]He heard my [D/G]cry and drew me [A]up
[Bm]Set my feet on s[Gmaj7]olid ground[A]
And made firm my [Bm]steps [Gmaj7] [A]

{c:Verse 2}
He's [Bm]given me a [Gmaj7]song [A]
A song of praise to our God
[D]All will look in [D/G]awe and trust in [A]Him
Yet [Bm]though I am so [Gmaj7]lowly[A]
He thinks of [Bm]me [Gmaj7] [A]

[F#m]You are my help
[Bm]And my deliverer
O [G]God! Don't hold back your [D]Love!
[F#m]You've heard my cry
[Bm]Set me on solid ground
So [G]I will sing Your praise
[G/A]I will sing Your praise[A]

Gathered As One

I thank God every day for the inspiration he brings me, and this song is definitely the result of me channeling that inspiration. As our Muslim brethren say, "God is great!"
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