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Easter sheet music at Virtual Sheet Music

From my friend Fabrizio.

Fresh sheet music for you! Having trouble viewing this email?
Virtual Sheet Music
Latest Sheet Music and News
Sunday, February 28, 2016
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Start playing exclusive Easter sheet music collections!

Get Ready for Easter!

New sheet music has been added to the Virtual Sheet Music site.

Many of our users have not discovered our entire catalog yet, so here is the link:


Easter Day this year is earlier than usual (March 27th), and we have special Easter Collections for you!

Check them out below:

Here are the most popular collections:

Easter Collection for piano, voice or other instruments
complete of chords, lyrics and guitar lead sheets

Easter Collection for violin and piano
complete of chords, lyrics and guitar lead sheets ... 

Pour Heaven on Me, Movement 2 of Hungry for Heaven

A movement from my project Hungry For Heaven:

Pour Heaven on Me
Movement 2: Hungry for Heaven opus

Pour heaven on me. Pour heaven on me.
Keep me safe from evil.
Put fire in my bones.
Help me play the part
Make me burn with passion.
as you make me whole.

Pour it out! Pour it out!
You're the man with answers.
Listen to my questions.
You're the one who cares...


MP3 Music Playlist: 

This is the 3rd Vol of my Album - Blood of Jesus Christ. This song is sung by renowned Indian Singer Alphons Joseph.

Artist: Lyrics: Fr Joby, Singing: Alphons Joseph
Album: Blood of Jesus Christ
Track: 2
Year: 2014
Composer: Rayland D'sousa
Copyright: fr Joby Kachappilly VC

New Christian Children's CD

Dear Friends,

Recently, I released a new Christian Children’s CD called “Jesus, I Love You.”

The purpose of this CD is to help little ones learn about the Lord and to teach them songs that will praise Him. It is my small way of helping to evangelize the next generation. The CD includes 6 songs I wrote and 6 instrumentals of the songs so that children can sing along to the songs in a concert or presentation as a class or children’s choir. The lyrics can be downloaded from my website.

Visit the following CDBaby link to hear the song sample of all of the songs.

Or visit my website at for song samples and to download lyrics.

Thank you!

Love in Christ,


The Most Beautiful Hymn You've Never Heard

From Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed:

OUR CATHOLIC HYMNS are already beautiful enough to begin with; but great masters like Marenzio, Victoria, Guerrero, and Palestrina took things to another level.

Listen to how Guerrero transforms this famous hymn:

Pop Quiz • Most Beautiful Hymn You’ve Never Heard

Do you see how he makes it into a Canon in the final section? Isn't that incredible?

My guess is that you've never heard this piece in church before—but it can be sung at any Mass, no matter what the liturgical season!

Sacred Music Symposium in Los Angeles 2016

A message from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed.

Big News! Sacred Music Symposium in Los Angeles!
published 5 February 2016 by Jeff Ostrowski

Today, I need your help. I need you to please forward this:

Send it to Catholic singers. Send it to your pastor & music director. Send it to any FAITHFUL and DEVOUT Catholic who might have a hidden interest in singing.

Let me tell you the truth: many Catholics have a hidden talent for singing. We've proven this with our choir in Los Angeles. But it takes BRAVERY and COURAGE to "coax out" this hidden talent for singing.


  • Three (3) full days of singing under Dr. Calabrese & Dr. Buchholz
  • Symposium begins at 6:00pm on SATURDAY (28 May 2016)... 


Register now: Music Ministry Alive!

Register Now:
Music Ministry Alive!
July 26-31, 2016 
St. Catherine University 
Saint Paul, Minnesota

As of today, ALL of the application materials and other information for Music Ministry Alive 2016 ("With the Eyes of Mercy") are up and available at:  

To all potential youth and adult applicants: we invite you to visit the site. And remember that... 

We Three Kings

We Three Kings sung at the Church of St. Mary, January 3, 2016.

We three kings of Orient are
Bearing gifts we traverse afar.
Field and fountain, moor and mountain... 

Brightest and Best (Heber, STAR IN THE EAST)

My voice got better. A cold plagued me at 11:30 Mass on Christmas Day. Here is our prelude song for Feast of the Epiphany on January 3.

Brightest and Best, a song for Feast of the Epiphany. Text: Reginald Heber. Tune: STAR IN THE EAST, Southern Harmony, 1835).

Brightest and Best
Lyrics by Reginald Heber, 1783-1826

1. Brightest and best of the stars of the morning,
Dawn on our darkness and lend us thine aid;
Star of the East, the horizon adorning... 

Of the Father's Love Begotten (Divinum Mysterium)


I chose to sing this in key of C rather than Eb. Too much church music is written too high for average voices. When will liturgical publishers get wise re vocal range?

Words: "Corde natus ex Parentis." Marcus A. C. Prudentius, 348-413. Translated by John M. Neale, 1818-1866 and Henry W. Baker, 1821-1877, alt.

Music: from a "Sanctus" trope, Mode V, 11th century. "Piae Cantiones," Greifswald, 1582.

1. Of the Father's love begotten
Ere the worlds began to be,
He is Alpha and Omega, ...

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming. Written in key of F. Should be in the key of D! Too high for my baritone voice. I will sing this on Christmas at the Church of Saint Mary in downtown Saint Paul.

Text: German, 15th century. Verses 1,2: Translated by Theodore Baker, 1851-1934. Vs. 3: Friedrich Layritz, 1808-1859. Translated by Harriet R. Krauth Spaeth, 1845-1925.

Music: German, 16th century. Speierischen Gesangbuch, Cologne, 1599. Harmony by Michael Praetorius, 1571-1621.

Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming from tender stem hath sprung!
Of Jesse's lineage coming as prophets long have sung... 

"A Colorful Christmas" album - from Classical to Blues to Pop-Rock

"A Colorful Christmas" is a recently released Christmas album with a wide variety of styling. Richard Schletty contributed three original songs and helped record and/or master four other songs. Richard is happy to be in the company of these hip Baltimore-area artists (former Punk Rock musicians who migrated to Blues/R&B/Pop). Produced by Fetal Records (headed by Azar Dagher who is a member). For the songs I worked on, I had brilliant assistance from composer-arranger André van Haren (Sweden) and from Four Hands Project in Spain (Alberto Ayuso Domingo and David Gomez Sanz). The Spanish version of "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" was translated to "Duerme, Niño, Duerme" by my son-in-law, Elias de Andres Martos. He also tried to coach me in Castillian Spanish pronunciation. He says that I sing it with a Minnesota accent. Oh well, I tried!

Official site:
Awesome review:

Happy Holidays and Holy Days,
Richard Schletty

Christmas hymn (Khúc Ca Giáng Sinh) by Joseph Nguyễn Hồng Ân

A Christmas song (Khúc Ca Giáng Sinh) made by my friend Joseph Nguyễn Hồng Ân


Khúc Ca Giáng Sinh - 2015 - Ca sĩ Nguyễn Hồng Ân

Precious Lord

MP3 Music Playlist: 
Artist: SpiritN3D
Title: Precious Lord
Album: I'm Comin' Home
Genre: Christian, Catholic
Year: 2014
Composer: Dan Leone
Copyright Info: BMI 2014

PDF Download: Hymnal by Fr. John Selner (1954)

A free download from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed.

Hymnal by Fr. John Selner (1954) – 154 pages

TODAY, FOR THE FIRST TIME, you can download a rare 1954 hymnal by Fr. John Selner. In the past, I’ve mentioned that some of the old Catholic hymnals were pretty awful, but this one is splendid. Since part of my involvement with a special hymn project requires searching through rare hymn books, I decided to share this one with you...

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