I Am The Mother Of God, Praying For All

This song is a collaborative effort, initiated by Dan Vi Nguyen (asiansa09).  Richard Schletty and myself agreed to collaborate on this. 

The lyrics were started by Dan Vi, revised by Rene Asologuitar, and then finalized by Richard at this current version. The words are based on the promises of Mother Mary to the shepherd children of Fatima.

Music and melody by Rene Asologuitar.

This song is dedicated to all the peoples of the world, especially to all non-believers, to the lost, to the outcasts, to the seekers, and to all peoples who need prayers and love!


I Am the Mother of God, Praying for All

I received the good news from / the Angel Gabriel:
An Immaculate Conception / through the Spirit.
A child born for mankind's / salvation.
A child bringing peace to the earth.
A child bringing joy to each heart.

I am // the Mother of God, praying for all.
Interceding for all through Jesus, my Son,
Bringing praise and petitions to the Father of All.
You can trust in His love, my children.

Salvation is promised to all who believe.
Confess with your lips that / Jesus is Lord!
Believe that God raised Him up / from the dead.
Announce and carry forth / the good news
That Jesus walks with us, as the Spirit rejoices.

Glory to the Lord, Jesus, Alleluia.
As the Mother of God, I'll guide you / in his ways.
I will never leave you,/ I will always care.
Come, let me lead you / to Him.
All glory, laud and honor to / Father, Son and Spirit.


I Am the Mother of God

Rene, you did a superb job on this – so reverent and flowing. And your guitar is sublime. You are so good at creating magic out of any lyrics, no matter how uneven the line lengths are. You possess a natural ability for creating prosody which is a key requirement for a good song.

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

Hi Richard, Thanks for the

Hi Richard,
Thanks for the lovely comments.
And much respect and appreciation for the work that you do.
You are a very generous person, and truly a blessing to all!!!
Thanks for inviting me to collab on this project.
I can't wait for your version of this project!!!
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