Your Tender Mercy

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Lord      have mer cy -  Christ  have mer cy - Lord       have mer cy
In your tender mercy
Dear Lord we implore thee
Listen with favor to our prayer
Offered through our Mother Mary
Heed the sighs of your lowly ones
Who intercede with utter confidence
For all your daughters and sons
Who search for You in shadows
You know our weakness and enemy
how we are deceived so easily 
How our hearts are restless
Hungry for love and purpose
The world offers many ideologies     You delight in us living in your will
With half-truths and fake beauty       contemplating You being still
That promise freedom and peace       We delight in the works You will
But can lead to fear and slavery           in doing them we are fulfilled
You know what each one of us need
And for that grace we intercede
You will each one us to be saved
Dying on the cross for this you prayed
With your daily eucharistic sacrifice
We unite our  daily sacrificial lives
That you bestow on us your saving grace
That all may see your divine face
Lord have mercy -  Christ have mercy = Lord have mercy
Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit  Amen
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