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Since 1992 St. James Music Press has been publishing some of the finest church anthems being written today. THE FINEST! And we're not just bragging. Anthems from SJMP have been heard on national broadcasts, performed at cathedrals and churches throughout the world, and premiered at major music conferences throughout the country. Our catalog does not contain praise-songs, choruses or renewal music. It is, however, filled with new traditional anthems, beautiful classics, and fresh arrangements of varying difficulty which have been tried and tested by many fine church choirs.

Please visit: www.sjmp.com/about

One membership brings you scores, recordings, and the license to stream. Renewing is easy and the $139 annual subscription brings over 1500 scores, recordings, and other resources to your fingertips at a price that doesn't blow your budget. 

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Neat site...and it's free to try

I'm not involved in my parish's music ministry but what a great resource for those who are (and for Catholic music fans like myself).  Just wanted to point out you can see everything and hear many of the songs before you have to pay for the license.  The only risk to look around is the time it takes you to sign up.  Check this out!

Thanks for your review of St. James Music Press

Captain, you found what I found at St. James Music Press a few years back. A lot of very good music. I posted other stories in the past here at TCS highlighting their seasonal offerings. Just do a search here for St. James Music Press.

topcatholicsongs.com/search/node/St. James Music Press

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