Achieving goals in music sharing

It is too bad how our best ideas get limited by technology, time, resources and talent.  

Limited by technology – because I can visualize a vibrant music sharing and collaboration site but can't quite design it myself. At least not until I enhance my skills with WordPress or Drupal.

Limited by time – because I have an imperative for earning huge sums of money, a call to continue serving as a cantor at two parishes, plus I prefer to spend time with my kids and grandkids (and my precious wife, too). 

Limited by resources – because I have little discretionary income, only a few capable friends willing to donate time to a vision, and have not done a Kickstarter campaign.  :-)

Limited by talent – because I am not a flawless pro singer, guitarist and/or audio tech.

Yet, I will try to pick away at this ideal of connecting people, empowering them in music and helping to get good Catholic music published.

Just like I was empowered in music when I joined a very secular (often profane) web site called in summer of 2004 – over 11 years ago! I learned a lot there – about collaborating and coming to the realization that I can write songs.

I have been a member of MAS – the Minnesota Association of Songwriters – for about 7 years and that has also been very good. In-person song evaluation sessions in Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Plus, I was appointed to the board of MAS and have been serving as tech coordinator and post-production/distribution manager for our Minnesingers cable TV program.  

Finally, my recent collaboration with Fetal Records is proving to be fortuitous (I met Azar via this site). I am learning a lot about "making the music and getting it out there."

Rob Ayoub and I are thinking about a merger of CME and TCS. I am looking at web site models for collaboration and trying to determine what I can build with my own skillset.

I am thinking about producing a Top Catholic Songs cable TV show at CTV North Suburbs in Roseville, MN. I can have full access to the recording studio at no cost. I will be getting trained, come January, in multi-camera on-the-fly editing at CTV. My current roles in taping session coordination, post-production and distribution for MAS MusicCasters (was Minnesingers) will propel me toward my goal of having my own show for Catholic artists in the Twin Cities area (Benjamin Brekke might be one of the artists recording). The show would be distributed to community access stations nationwide, as well as to EWTN and other venues. 

Your thoughts welcome!


Well done and more grease...

Hello Richard.

Allow me to just say a quick 'WELL DONE' to you and I hope you succeed in your projects, current and any planned for the future.



To God, Glory; to man, none.

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