Top Catholic Songs Is Great for Catholic Artists (Exposure, Connections, Promotion)

The Top Catholic Songs community has been very encouraging to me.  There's not really a place for Catholic-specific artists like my band anywhere but here.  Our single,

Praise to the New Eve
b/w Against My Church the Gates of Hell Will Not Prevail

is officially out today. Though those who follow this site may have already heard and/or downloaded it.  

And I must mention our new-to-TCS member Lee O'Day programs a Catholic radio station near Manhattan, Kansas.  We (my band) asked (maybe begged?) him for an add, and he is running Praise to the Eve on his Saturday show of contemporary Catholic music tomorrow.  I also heard at least one other TCS artist when I tuned in last week.  His show is called "Saturday Knight Sword Play" and you can tune in through their web site: The Sword of St. George - the show runs 9 pm to midnight USA Central Daylight Time (Chicago Time Zone) Saturdays.  Great stuff! 

Our current musical project is to take Communist propaganda songs and transform them into Catholic anthems.  The below link connects you to our music on your choice of several platforms, including the free MP3 downloads page back here on TCS:

Motivational Catholic Songs from Captain Hogcurl's Dacha Porch


Thanks for utilizing and applauding TCS

Benjamin, I really appreciate your positive comments about TCS and am glad to hear about your association with Lee O'Day who programs a Catholic radio station. Good to hear that some TCS artists are getting airplay there! I encourage both you and Lee to contact Rob Ayoub who programs CME Radio:  (make a comment in the Comments section)

Or send an email to

Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music |

Thank you~!

Thank you, Richard.  I've reached out.  :-)
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