1st Verse:

The life I chose didn't start well

Like a dying rose I was dark but then the hell...

In my life was too much to handle

In such a way I had to dismantle...

Then pick up the pieces

The whole time I got a lift up from Jesus

The ultimate gift that was given for a reason...

A second chance

We are all blessed in advance...

Just sometimes its hard to see

When it's dark we can still be free...

In our hearts and in our minds

We do what we can but its GODS art that is so divine...

Every step I feel his presence

From the day we all met his been as real as blessings

And as important as the bibles message.


I don't want to sound like I'm preaching 

Maybe one day amount to some level of teaching...

Maybe all our jobs are just to share

And show one another that we really care.

2nd Verse:

Our hearts are kept close to GOD

From the start he wanted us to see past the fog...

And I know it's hard to do in this day and age

Scars aren't something new but we pray and turn another page

Learn and get to another stage

And don't feed the hate or burn with rage...

We try and move forward

But some of us aren't new to swords...

And what the damage they can do to us

Let GOD be the bandage and the church your crutch...

If life has hurt-you 

It might be worth-to...

Enter and maybe with a friend or family member

Good or bad weather GOD is there forever...

In our hearts and soul

If Satan try's to pull us apart we just say no.


Hope heaped high

Hope is what we all need. You express it well – the gifts that God gives us all.

"Let GOD be the bandage and the church your crutch..."

I prefer to think of the church as a strong support for a person. I hope you meant it that way. "Crutch" can have a negative connotation.


Richard Schletty | Schletty Design and Music | www.schletty.com

I did

Hi Richard,
                    I meant the church as a crutch in a way that it can help you walk through life even if you feel wounded. However in case it is misinterpreted by the listener I can change it.