Artist Profile - Joel Stein

For this Odessa, MO, native, "Always Forward" is his motto...and the title of his new album.

Joel Stein released his first professionally recorded album in August of this year. Stein's interest in music began in Odessa, where he learned to play the guitar and started composing music, performing in small venues with his high school band. His musical pursuits blossomed at the University of Missouri-Columbia, where he continued to write music and play live with his new college band, and at his church. However, it was not until Stein graduated and moved to St. Louis that he began writing the songs to be recorded on his first professional CD.

Stein began the recording project in earnest after participating in a "music mission" in Trinidad, where two women took an interest in his popular song, "Save the Family." These women donated the money for Stein to record his first track, and he chose David Smith of Icon Studios in Indiana to record his album. With the recording project underway but having no additional money for the rest of the CD, Stein began to fundraise. He came to Odessa for a concert to help pay for recording costs. He credits his hometown for helping to make the CD project become a reality. "I was touched by the support of the St. George community."

The rest of the funding for the CD soon arrived, and Stein finished the project in July of 2007. He also credits his family in large part for all their support. His sister, father, and wife all sing backup vocals on the CD. "Always Forward" was released in August at an international Catholic conference in Atlanta, GA, where he and his sister Erin performed for over 1,000 youth. "It was quite an honor to sing to that many people." Stein currently resides in Atlanta with his wife Heather and one-year-old daughter Lucia. His parents Carl and Sandy Stein live in Odessa.

Moving "Always Forward" with his dream of recording a professional album was a big part of Stein's success, but his album title is about much more than that. To Joel Stein, "Always Forward" means pressing on in this life as preparation for what's next. Prayerful, energetic, and clever, many of his songs are fueled by reflections on hope for the future and a new life in heaven.

For more information about Joel Stein, be sure to check out his website.


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