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Reason 2 Sing ©2018 MSTM † MUSIC

  Reason 2 Sing ©2018 MSTM † MUSIC
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Domingo 2 ordinario (C) – Salmo 95 – Cantemos la grandeza del Señor

Please visit Catholic Liturgy in Song to get free downloads of guitar lead sheet and audio demo for Responsorial Psalm 95 in Spanish for the Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Cycle C:
Domingo 2 Tiempo Ordinario (Ciclo C)

Salmo Responsorial
Salmo 95, 1-2a. 2b-3. 7-8a. 9-10a y c.

      Bm(Simin)    Em(Mimin)  Bm(Simin)
R. Cantemos la grandeza del Señor. (2)

Cantemos al Señor un nuevo canto,
       D(Re)                   A7(La7)
que le canten al Señor toda la tierra;
cantemos al Señor y bendigámoslo.   Read Full Story >>>

All of my Days ©2018 MSTM † MUSIC

All of my Days ©2018 MSTM † MUSIC
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All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name: My First YouTube post of a hymnal song

Dear friends of Top Catholic Songs: This is where it all began – my idea to share "covers" of popular Catholic-Christian songs. I uploaded this to YouTube on July 19, 2011. "All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name" is hymn no. 1 from The Radio Hymnal, published in 1927 by Henry Field Seed Co., Radio Station KFNF, Shenandoah, Iowa. It was an old standard even at that time, the tune having been written by Oliver Holden and the lyrics by Edward Perronet. In my a cappella garage session, I took some liberties with the rhythm by the time I got to the 5th take. Don't sing it like this at church. Please note that this song is in the Public Domain.

Salmo responsorial para Epifania del Señor (ciclo C) y Aleluya

Please visit Catholic Liturgy in Song to get free downloads of guitar lead sheet and audio demo for Responsorial Psalm 71 in Spanish for the feast of The Epiphany:

Epifanía del Señor (Ciclo C)

Salmo 71, 1-2. 7-8. 10-11. 12-13
Tono: D(Re)

 D(Re)     G(Sol)   D(Re) A7(La7)   D(Re)
R. Que te adoren, Señor,  todos los pueblos.(2)

D(Re)                      Bm(Simin)
Comunica, Señor, al rey tu juicio 
Bm(Simin)                        A7(La7)
y tu justicia, al que es hijo de reyes; 
así tu siervo saldrá en defensa de tus pobres 
A7(La7)                   D(Re)
y regirá a tu pueblo justamente.
R. Que te adoren, Señor, todos los pueblos.

Florecerá en sus días la justicia 
y reinará la paz, ere tras era. 
De mar a mar se extenderá su reino...   Read Full Story >>>

Queen of Heaven, Rejoice - Regina Coeli (Anthony Moran)

"Queen of Heaven, Rejoice" by Anthony Moran

Queen of Heaven, rejoice. Alleluia!
The Lord is risen today. Alleluia!
He has risen from the dead. Alleluia!
He has risen as He said. Alleluia!

And we praise His holy name, Alleluia!
The heavens rejoice in song. Alleluia!
Mary, pray for us to God, Alleluia!
to Jesus Christ, your Son. Alleluia!

Lyrics and music: Anthony Moran, © 2018
Please visit Catholic Liturgy in Song -
Vocals, guitar, mixing: Richard Schletty.
Piano arrangement: Paul F. Page.
Painting restoration: Richard Schletty.

Sheet music is available for free. Just ask.

Angel of God, a Christmas song by Vintage Trio

MP3 Music Playlist: 
A group called Vintage Harmonic Trio from St. Bonaventure Church in Concord, CA, has put music to the beautiful prayer Angel of God. A one minute sample is provided here. You can purchase this song or the full album "A Time for Christmas" at either of these online music stores:

"A Time for Christmas" features original arrangements of the group's favorite Christmas music.

Vintage Harmonic Trio is a musical trio performing the best of Oldies, Broadway, and Jazz. Band members are Santiago Martinez, Joyce Novicky Martinez and Maryann Tarantino. For more information visit or

Cantos de Navidad: Christmas Songs in Spanish (Anthony Moran and Grupo Hermanos de Fé)

Cantos de Navidad is a new album of original Christmas Songs written in Spanish and performed mariachi style. Composed by Anthony Moran and recorded by Grupo Hermanos de Fé (a band in Mexico), these songs are easy to sing and play. 

New songs are being added to this album each day – from Christmas Day through the Epiphany. Keep checking back. There will be a total of 19 songs in this album – all easy for you to enjoy and learn.

Free downloads of guitar lead sheets and audio files are available at Catholic Liturgy in Song. Please visit:

As a sample, here is the guitar lead sheet for track 3:
Cantemos todos

From the album "Cantos de Navidad"
Composed by Anthony Moran
Performed by Grupo Hermanos de Fé

(capo 2)
B(A)  F#(E)          B(A)
Noche buena noche de amor
B(A)    F#(E)            B(A)
Nace el niño Cristo redentor...  Read Full Story >>>

Navidad Misa del dia (C) – Salmo 97 – Toda la tierra ha visto al Salvador

Free download of music and guitar lead sheets. Sing a salmo in Spanish! This psalm is for Christmas Day. Get it here:
Navidad: Misa del día Ciclo C

Salmo Responsorial
Salmo 97, 1. 2-3ab. 3cd-4. 5-6.

   D(Re)   Bm(Simin) G(Sol)   A(La) D(Re)
R. Toda la tierra ha visto al Salvador. (2)

D(Re)                      Bm(Simin)
Cantemos al Señor un canto nuevo,
Bm(Simin)         A(La)
pues ha hecho maravillas...

  Read Full Story >>>

Song Lyric: Table of the King


Come, come to the table of the king

Come, come to the table of the king



Come to the table of the king

We all share the food and water we have

In thankful for God provides us with breads



Come, come to the table of the king

Come, come to the table of the king



Come to the table of the king

We offer thankful for his meals

To nourish our body mind and spiritual life



Come, come to the table of the king

Come, come to the table of the king



Come to the table of the king

We come to share our joy and happiness

All are welcome to join table of the king.


All are welcome, all are welcome.




Hi everybody,
                         Just wanted to check in as it's been ages! I hope everyone is good and preparing for a wonderful Christmas. Looking forward to checking out the new tunes. God Bless. Alex.

MAS SongCasters episode 13 featuring Richard Schletty

Episode 13 features Minnesota Association of Songwriters (MAS) member Richard Schletty performing his own original songs as well as a few original songs that were the result of internet-based virtual collaborations. Here's the playlist:

00:51 – Child of Eternal Love – by Richard Schletty
04:00 – Sleep, Baby, Sleep – by Christopher Schletty and Richard Schletty
06:32 – Wondrous Clay – by Richard Schletty
08:50 – Lovestruck Man – by Richard Schletty
11:41 – You Are – by Steiner, Anselm and Schletty
14:20 – Nature Walk – by Richard Schletty
16:52 – My Home Long Ago – by Jack Miller and Richard Schletty
19:56 – Our World So Beautiful – by Dan vi Nguyen and Richard Schletty
22:39 – Love 101 – by Richard Schletty and Alex John
26:14 – God Is On The Scene – by Richard Schletty and Alex John

Song Lyric: Thanksgiving


Come to the table of the king
Together let make the sign of the cross
Before we eat and join together for the meal
In thankful for heavenly Father
On earth mother provides
For a meal we appreciation.

The meal we have on the table
Is our work and effort on earthly life
To sustain our body mind and spirit
We offer our work with men women and children effort
But heavenly Father provides us with in life Christ.

In thanksgiving spirit for life
Let first give thank to God
Our heavenly Father Son and Holy Spirt
For the food and water sustain us in life
For each breath we take for granted
In union with God in heaven.

Song Lyric: HEART BEAT

Song Lyric:  HEART BEAT

Precious treasure start from each heart beat
The life is treasure from each heart beat.

Precious treasure from the heart beat
Is the light of life on earth begin.

Every heart beat count for life
Precious treasure God gifts for man
For the beauty of God creation
For each breaths we take for granted.

For moment man woman conceive
A life potentially will spring up
In mother womb that being protected
For the light of life begin.

My heart beat with frequeny of life
For the life count base on heart beat
For every breath we take is a gift of life
From God is our appreciation.