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Author: Richard Schletty

Lo, How a Rose E'er Blooming. Written in key of F. Should be in the key of D! Too high for my baritone voice. I will sing this on Christmas at the Church of Saint Mary in downtown Saint Paul.

Text: German, 15th century. Verses 1,2: Translated by Theodore Baker, 1851-1934. Vs. 3: Friedrich Layritz, 1808-1859. Translated by Harriet R. Krauth Spaeth, 1845-1925.

Music: German, 16th century. Speierischen Gesangbuch, Cologne, 1599. Harmony by Michael Praetorius, 1571-1621.

Lo, how a Rose e'er blooming from tender stem hath sprung!
Of Jesse's lineage coming as prophets long have sung....

Author: Richard Schletty

"A Colorful Christmas" is a recently released Christmas album with a wide variety of styling. Richard Schletty contributed three original songs and helped record and/or master four other songs. Richard is happy to be in the company of these hip Baltimore-area artists (former Punk Rock musicians who migrated to Blues/R&B/Pop). Produced by Fetal Records (headed by Azar Dagher who is a member). For the songs I worked on, I had brilliant assistance from composer-arranger André van Haren (Sweden) and from Four Hands Project in Spain (Alberto Ayuso Domingo and David Gomez Sanz). The Spanish version of "Sleep, Baby, Sleep" was translated to "...

Author: Dũng Ho

A Christmas song (Khúc Ca Giáng Sinh) made by my friend Joseph Nguyễn Hồng Ân


Khúc Ca Giáng Sinh - 2015 - Ca sĩ Nguyễn Hồng Ân

Author: Richard Schletty

A free download from Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed.

Hymnal by Fr. John Selner (1954) – 154 pages

TODAY, FOR THE FIRST TIME, you can download...

Author: Richard Schletty

Adoration Radio (with host Mary Graham) has expanded its Catholic Music Countdown to include 40 songs (as voted upon by listeners).

The first half of the "Top 40" Podcast can be heard here: Catholic Music Top 40 countdown – part 1
The second half of the "Top 40" Podcast can be heard here: ...

Author: Richard Schletty

Wonderful! Discover Tori Harris at

Author: Richard Schletty

Welcome to our newest registered users at Please help them find what they are looking for. You may enter a comment here if you have suggestions or leads for any of the needs expressed by TCS members. Take a look through the complete registered users list here: List of TCS users

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492919I want to sing songs in my morning prayers11/2015

Author: Richard Schletty

Leader's/Catechist's Manual and Complete CD setAn email announcement from GIA Publishing:

Singing Our Faith Hymnal Resources

An exciting mix of great music, diverse styles, and broad scope—the ultimate music resource for young people, kindergarten through eighth grade.

Leader's/Catechist's Manual and Complete CD set NOW Available!

Click to see: CD set

Click to see:...

Author: jowallacemusic

Hi! My name is Joanne Wallace, a singer-songwriter from Liverpool, UK.

After years away from the church, I have re-discovered my faith and my love of church music. 

I was always involved in the music ministry at my church growing up and to be honest, thought that part of my life experience was over. Then I had my children and found that through them, all those memories came flooding back. The door was opened once again and once I went through it, all of this music starting to come to me.

"I Call Your Name" has been an unexpected gift to me - if you asked me only 3 years ago,  I would never have imagined I would have rediscovered church and songwriting after all this time and to have released an album of my own original worship music! I write my songs on...

Author: Richard Schletty

An acoustic guitar/vocal hymn by my good Christian friend, Jack Miller (aka Dadai). - Richard Schletty

On Bended Knee (Morning-Evening) by Dadai. More songs by Jack here:

On Bended Knee by Jack Miller


In the morning light
Radiance of his face
There in glory bright
His shadow I can trace

I bow down on bended knee
I bow down, bow down before him

He, my filthy rags
Turned to garments white
Thus my heart was freed
From the soul’s dark...

Author: Richard Schletty

See our newest members here and say hello to them! Let's help each other grow with Catholic music.

Richard Schletty
TCS editor

Author: Nick Alexander

Bob Filoramo has written an exceptional song for Thanksgiving called "Thank You, Jesus," one which the lyrics really speak for themselves. [scroll down to hear song in the...

Author: Richard Schletty

Our small ensemble leads the congregation in singing verses 1, 2 and 4 of "God, We Praise You" at the Church of St. Mary on Mothers' Day, May 11, 2014 at the 11:30 Mass. Join us for worship! 261 E. 8th St, Saint Paul, MN 55101. Shot with a GoPro Hero 3+ at 2.7K resolution.

Translation by Christopher Idle. It is set to the tune Nettleton composed by John Wyeth or possibly Asahel Nettleton.

1 God, we praise you! God, we bless you!
God, we name you sov'reign Lord!
Mighty King whom angels worship,...

Author: Richard Schletty

From Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed:

"MOUNT MARY HYMNAL, produced in 1937 by Sister Mary Gisela, was published in Milwaukee. This was quite a famous hymnal, although in my opinion the poetry of several hymns is a little too emotional & simplistic. You can download all 255 pages."

Author: Richard Schletty

Author: Richard Schletty

Video • “Three Approaches To A Catholic Hymn”

Published 10 June 2015 by Jeff Ostrowski

The following video shows three (3) ways hymns are sung by our choir:

That haunting setting—in English—of the PANGE LINGUA of St. Thomas Aquinas was taken from the Campion...

Author: Richard Schletty

Jeff Ostrowski at Corpus Christi Watershed has made available a PDF copy of “A Manual For Church Musicians” (1964) — 130 pages.

Jeff writes:

You know that we are always interested in trying to figure out how the Mass changed during the 1960s.

This book is important:

PDF Download • “A Manual For Church Musicians” (1964)

It is extremely well-produced, but I would suggest to you that the content is quite...

Author: Richard Schletty

Worship and Praise musicNick Alexander posted this article on his blog today. He includes links to three very timely articles for my parish! We are in the throes of discussion of this very thing!  – Richard Schletty, TCS editor

Three Must-Read Articles About Praise And Worship Music


Author: Nick Alexander