Glorious is Our Lady

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As we prepare for the solemnity of Our Lady's Immaculate Conception it is good to ponder the great Love God had for Mary in preparing her to become the mother of His beloved divine Son (the new Adam) as well as her becoming the new Eve. It is also good to ponder the great humility and obedience she practiced in the great graces the Good Lord gave her
Glorious is our Lady as she leads us to pray to ponder and contemplate. In silence, we hear a voice so near tender and clear. You are my child rest here a while I am your desire I am your Father.   I am who Am, was, and will be now listen to me. I gave you Life I made you free always to be with me. In freedom you failed in sorrow you wailed My mercy prevailed. And in the fulness of time the Virgin said yes and you were blessed our Love became flesh. They lived a life of the poor and oppressed, humble obscure, my Love they possessed.  And at the right time, he went into the world to teach and to save. All of His words all of His works flowed out of MY Heart. The demons they fled. He raised up the dead the hungry He fed. The demons conspired with the proud in their power to smear Him betray, accuse Him of the ultimate sin. You mocked Him crucified in My hands he died. Gloriously He arose body and soul just like he said from the dead to become your daily bread. He gave you life - he set you free
Always to be with us in paradise. He is your Lord and King He’ll teach
you everything he to pray and to live. In silence, you’ll hear His voice 
so near true and clear. In Him, through Hin and with Him you’ll become meek and humble of heart. That’s where you start in the Mercy of His Sacred Heart. Entrust yourself to your Mother’s care
She watches over you when your least aware of your enemy’s snare.
Under her heart born to be transformed into the likeness of her Son and her Lord She is your Queen graces from her stream prayers from her Immaculate Heart.

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