Waiting in Joyful Hope

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Intro chords   B - A -E 
B7                             E        A7                                    E
We wait in Joyful Hope in silence and sacred  songs
B7                A7         B7                                                E/A/E
Longing to see you longing for your merciful embrace
B7                                                         E
The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak                                                                                                                      A7                                                                     E
When all hell breaks loose it’s no time to sleep
B7                              E
You have to fully awake 
 A7                                                               E
When the truth is denied of what’s at stake
B7                           E       A7                                                 B7               A7
We wait in joyful hope in silence, and sacred songs longing to see you
B7                                                   E /A/E
Longing for your merciful embrace

With so many half-truths and subtleties
 to believe in anything so easy
You can slide into lukewarm complacency
Become the slave of self-idolatry
B7                                   E
Become a blind pharisee


We live in time and eternity
Yearning for the fullness of time to see
That great trials must come to be
The test to come severe will be
If they did this when the wood was green
What  happens when my Word is dry off scene
When knowledge of everything reigns supreme
But true knowledge of Me is denied -  just an old dream 
The nations have fallen in the pit they made
Their feet caught in the snare they laid
 Lord you are The judge - Justice is in your hands
  The proud caught in the work of their  hands
  B7                          E          B7                            A7        B7                    E
Lord you are our shield defending us from all our enemy can weild       
 B7                           E         A7                                   E
We wait in joyful Hope in silence and sacred songs
B7                A7         B7                                                 E/A/E
Longing to see you longing for your merciful embrace
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