Will You Choose

Will You Choose is born as a Collaboration Project from Danny aka "Theforgotten toy box" aka "danthecoat" from "Songcrafters.org".
His idea came in as a chord progression, and some melody lines.
His graciousness and generosity allowed me free reins on any direction I need to go in terms of lyrics and melody.

The tune inspired me to write about our choices in life, and the possibilities we gain.

This song is dedicated to all suffering peoples of our world, especially the dying and the sick. Peace, hope, and consolation fill your hearts and mind.


Will you become, what you should be
Embrace His love, carry your cross
His Resurrection, our eternal salvation
Choose to follow, embrace His love

Questions unanswered, don’t be confused
He has the answers, just heed His words
Paths of life, told in the parables
Open your mind, hear His voice

You and I, we are blinded
By world’s riches and glory defined
Now’s the time to understand  
His words are truth

Something went wrong, we all sense it
Things aren’t the way they should be
We aren’t as kind, as generous, and loving
We are selfish, arrogant and cruel

We can’t escape, sin’s all around us
We are sinners, we are weak
We tried on our own, were caught in a cycle
Only in Him, if you choose to believe
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