LIKE A CHILD, Words and Music by Rene Asologuitar

This. song is dedicated to our friends and family that are astray, and searching in the desert.
Like what my mother told me, believe in His Words, He is the way to salvation. Read and understand the scriptures like scholar, and have faith, LIKE A CHILD.

War and atrocities are evil. Pray for Peace in Ukraine and Russia, and for our whole world.
LIKE A CHILD, Words and Music by Rene Asologuitar
I have a question. Its about your faith.
Father, Son and Spirit, three in one.
It’s these mysteries upon mysteries
Ok, I believe But I need a real answer
To why He allows war and atrocities

You say, freewill, we make decisions
On right or wrong
We don’t think of what’s the outcome
Selfishness, unforgiveness
We don’t care at all

My Mama told me, believe in the Word
The Bible says love your neighbor as I’ve loved you
He’s the truth, the way, the only way.
To our salvation, eternally
Have faith, like a child

If you love somebody, love like your own
Would you turn your back away
From a needy friend
For He died for you, on the cross for you
Descended into hell, to give us salvation
For you and me, all the world
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