Salmo responsorial para Epifania del Señor (ciclo C) y Aleluya

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Please visit Catholic Liturgy in Song to get free downloads of guitar lead sheet and audio demo for Responsorial Psalm 71 in Spanish for Epifanía del Señor (Ciclo C) – the feast of The Epiphany:

Music © 2019, Anthony Moran,

The texts of the Sacred Scripture used in this work have been taken from Lectionaries I, II and III, property of the Episcopal Commission of Liturgical Pastoral of the Mexican Episcopal Conference, copyright © 1987, fifth edition, September 2004. All rights reserved.

Originally published February 21, 2019.

La-Epifanía-del-Señor-ABC-Salmo-71-Que-te-adoren-Señor-todos-los-pueblos-d.mp37.38 MB
La-Epifanía-del-Señor-ABC-Aleluya-d.mp33.87 MB
La-Epifanía-del-Señor-ABC-Salmo-71-Que-te-adoren-Señor-todos-los-pueblos.pdf331.31 KB
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