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Kyrie I by Wede O.

A Kyrie, for God, simple. An updated PDF has been attached.

To God, Glory; to man, none.

1:47 minutes (2.46 MB).

Halleluia (multiple) by Wede O.


0:46 minutes (1.05 MB).

Kyrie II by Wede O.

Kyrie Eleison. Please LORD.

1:25 minutes (1.95 MB).

Kyrie Eleison! by Wede O.

Kyrie Eleison! Read Full Story >>>

1:10 minutes (1.61 MB).

We Three Wise Men From The East

'We Three Wise Men From The East', early (Christmas is about 6 months away :)).

2:03 minutes (2.82 MB).

Agnus Dei

Please, Mercy LORD and Grant Us Peace. Amen.

1:37 minutes (2.23 MB).

Kyrie Eleison

1:07 minutes (1.54 MB).

Ave Maria (12th June 2015)

Ave Maria

AVE MARIA from EORIWOH on Vimeo. Read Full Story >>>

2:32 minutes (3.49 MB).

Kyrie Eleison!

2:54 minutes (3.99 MB).

Sing With The Angels

2:03 minutes (2.82 MB).

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