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Duerme, Niño, Duerme (Sleep, Baby, Sleep)

Duerme, Niño, Duerme will be released on a wonderfully diverse Christmas album by Fetal Records called "A Colorful Christmas" in late October, 2015. Watch here for links to iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon Music and Spotify. You may preview the song from this page.

Digital download of the album is available now, direct from Fetal Records.

A Colorful Christmas is a collection of Christmas songs, original and covers, in multiple genres by a diverse group of passionate and inspiring artists with different backgrounds. Featuring Internationally known bluesman Charlie Sayles, Tony Fazio, Scott Taylor, Richard Schletty, Greg Phillips, Subsidiarity, Law & Order, Ken Wenzel, and Jane Kraemer. “If you build it, they will come.” And so they came and came in force. Twelve originals and six traditional covers.

Duerme, Niño, Duerme (Spanish for Sleep, Baby, Sleep) is a collaboration with my brother Chris who dreamt this song and with André van Haren ( who did the orchestral arrangement. Sheet music from simple to orchestral arrangements is available upon request. 

See English version of this song here:


Duerme, niño, duerme
la noche es magica.
Duerme, niño, duerme
que tu madre te abraza.
Criatura, tan pequena,
Echado en tan simple cuna.
Duerme, niño, duerme.
Los angeles te guardan.

Duerme, niño, duerme.
Los angeles te cantan
Duerme, niño, duerme
bajo la luna de plata.
Reyes y pastores de muy allá
vienen al ver la estrella brillar.
Duerme, niño, duerme
Los angeles te guardan.

Nació_en lo_inmenso del tiempo, 
Espíritu_y carne_al momento
Alabemos al Rey de Reyes
Hijo del Dios de todos entes.
Aquí_en su portal,
nueva vida_inmortal.
Con ovejas en el pesebre.
En su paño de lana duerme.

Duerme, niño, duerme
bajo el cielo estrellado.
Duerme, niño, duerme
a la nana que María ha cantado.
Has venido a salvarnos a todos,
Pequeño Jesús, oh Dios,
Duerme, niño, duerme.
Duerme, niño, duerme.


Sleep, Baby, sleep 
on this magic night. 
Sleep, Baby, sleep 
while Mother holds you tight. 
Little baby, so so small, 
lying in that humble stall. 
So sleep, Baby, sleep 
while angels watch they keep.

Sleep, Baby, sleep 
while angels hum a tune. 
Sleep, Baby, sleep 
beneath the golden moon. 
Kings and shepherds see the star 
and come to visit from afar. 
So sleep, Baby, sleep 
while angels watch they keep.

Born in the fullness of time, 
Spirit and matter combine. 
Praise to the King of all kings, 
The Son of the God of all things. 
Here in this portal, 
new life immortal. 
In a manger with sheep 
in soft wool you sleep.

Sleep, Baby, sleep 
beneath the starry sky. 
Sleep, Baby, sleep 
to Mary's lullaby. 
You have come to sa ve us all, 
little Jesus, so so small. 
Sleep, Baby, sleep.
Sleep, Baby, sleep.

Artists: Richard Schletty (vocals), André van Haren (virtual instrumentation)
Orchestral arrangement: André van Haren
English verses lyrics and melody: Christopher Schletty
Bridge lyrics and melody: Richard Schletty
Spanish translation from English: Elías de Andrés Martos
Copyright © 2004 Christopher Schletty and Richard Schletty

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