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MSTM MUSIC   ≤ ♥ ≥   Most Sacred Trinity † Mission Music ♫
We are Christian artists of the Catholic faith evangelizing with original music projects so that the 3 in 1 Creator God is Glorified...and our mission of blessed tones...
Thank you for visiting MSTM † MUSIC on Top Catholic Most Sacred Trinity † Mission Music ♫ It's all about God and the Gospel message. It begins and ends and everything in-between with God. These are thee ~ Upper Room Uncut Recordings. homemade ~ home recorded original Christian composition recorded music art from our acoustasonic archives library. We (Tony and Michael) using some of the creative gifts and talents that God has given us. It's our way of praying and praising the Creator King of the universe. Now, it's not all that polished glitch free, weather its the recording quality or the performance flaws etc etc, for these are the birth-marks of realness & uniqueness, but yet, it does not compromise it. For the most important thing is the message. We use what we got & are thankful for it & give it back to God who gives it all to us. What's freely given... freely give. For God knows it's our loving soul prayer offerings. ♫ So stay in tune with God !!! and check back for the latest posts. Thank You All and remember... It's about God and Gospel message ~ the most important thing... Amen !!! Hope you enjoy listening to them, especially, all in my family and folks who requested to hear what's what. "Remember to fan the flame and pass the light about the good news of Jesus Christ" (one of our lyrics) God Bless and Good Journey ♫ MICHAEL from MSTM † MUSIC ♫

I am truly very saddened...., that this duet has become a solo, since my beloved brother Tony was taken home by Jesus, our Lord and Savior. I am going to try to continue the best that I can with hope in every day life, as well as to try to keep composing, preforming and releasing some of the many projects of different sorts (old and new) here & on SoundCloud and other www. areas, to share with all in the family of the children of God.
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