The Cross of Jesus (O'Brien)

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Above video: Practicing "The Cross of Jesus" for Mass this weekend. Song composed by Francis Patrick O'Brien. (c) 1996 GIA Publications.

MP3 audio file below: Our real time presentation of "Cross of Jesus" on April 1, 2017 at St. Matthew's Church. Jill Kilzer on keyboard.

Come, O God, renew your people, we who long to see your face.
Strengthen hearts that have grown feeble; fill our lives with truth and grace.
Only you can win our freedom; only you can bring us peace.
Only in the cross of Jesus will the captives find release. 

Deep within create a new heart; melt away the winter chill.
Help us now to make a new start, help us now to know your will.
Washed in waters of forgiveness, cleansed in water of new birth,
Lead us to the cross of Jesus, bringing life to all the earth.

In the darkness that surrounds us we have lost you from our sight.
Even though your love has found us, we embrace the powers of night.
Scatter now our deepest darkness. Guide our hearts into the light.
Join us to the cross of Jesus, help us set our living right.

Call us forth to walk in justice. rescue us from sin and grave.
Through the power of your Spirit, breathe in us the breath that saves.
Strengthen us in our communion, one in Word and cup and bread. 
Here within the cross of Jesus, all who hunger will be fed.

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