Psalm 145: I Will Praise Your Name (Haas)

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Above (YouTube player): my practice video for Psalm 145: I Will Praise Your Name. 

Below (MP3 player): An unbalanced recording of the psalm as I sung it at the Church of St. Matthew on 7-8-2017. Jill Kilzer at piano.

Psalm 145: I Will Praise Your Name
14th Sunday in Ordinary Time (cycle A)
Text: Psalm 145:1-2, 8-9, 10-11, 13b-14; David Haas. Music: David Haas. (c) 1983, GIA Publications, Inc.

Refrain: I will praise your name, my King and my God

1. I will give you glory, my God above, and I will bless your name for ever.
Every day I will bless and praise your name for ever.

2. The Lord is full of grace and mercy, who is kind and slow to anger.
God is good in every way, and full of compassion.

3. Let all your works give you thanks, O Lord, and let all the faithful bless you.
Let them speak of your might, O Lord, the glory of your kingdom.

4. The Lord is faithful in word and deed, and always near, his name is holy.
Lifting up all those who fall, God raises up the lowly.