Champion of the Cross ©2017 MSTM † MUSIC

Look at My signs, signs of love
In My hands, My Feet, My side
The pain that I knew
My suffering was all for you
Come share in My deepest love
Come share in My split blood
All that I have, I have to give
I share with you
I am, I am, the Champion of the Cross...
These wounds I wear, symbols of love
My signs, freely endured
Even with those who reject me still
Eternal life I have to share
For I am Jesus the Christ
I have crushed death with My life
Lamb of God sacrificed for you
My blood atonement conquers sin
I am, I am, the Champion of the Cross...
O' Lamb of God, wash me in Your blood
Let Your atoning grace, seep into the very depths of me
Soak me from my crust to my core
For You are, Jesus the Christ, the Champion of the Cross...
I am, I am, the Champion of the Cross

©2017 MSTM † MUSIC


a thank u

Thank you to Richard Schletty, for bringing Christian Catholic music sound poet artists a place to be a part of a community and share within. Here's a toast to helping us help you create a solid site for the art of sound and langauge of music for GOD !!! Thank you for all your hard work and sharing with us, and helping us with developing our own lil nook here on With apperciation and thanks again... Michael from MSTM † MUSIC

May the Holy Trinity Keep us
and our blessed tones...

Awesome new track

Michael, congrats on another moving song. A Jesus power ballad! You create quite a wavefront of testimony to the power of the Cross of Christ. Good job on this. And thank you for acknowledging my halting efforts to bring together a community of Christian songwriters and performers here at TCS. Hopefully, we can build a wavefront of testimony and devotion here.

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