Renew Your People, O Lord (Currie and Welch)

Renew Your People, O God. Music by Randolph Currie. Text by Lucia Welch. Sung at the Church of St. Mary on 8/13/2016.

Verse 1:
Loving Father, Gracious God,
praise and glory to you.
Burdened by our sin and its darkness,
we long for light, our souls renew.
Merciful Father, we ask of you,
Salvation and healing, our hearts renew.

Renew your people, O Lord;
renew our lives with your Word.
Refresh with your Spirit, restore with your Love,
Renew your people, O Lord.

Verse 2:
Thank you for your gift of Love:
Christ the Lord, Prince of Peace.
Jesus is our friend and our Savior;
make us like him, your pow'r release.
Send us your Spirit in all we do,
With joyful devotion, our hearts renew.


Verse 3:
Father, make us caring neighbors;
teach us, Lord, how to give.
Help us strive for true peace and justice,
living as Christ taught us to live.
May all our efforts give praise to you,
Unite us in Spirit, our lives renew.


Text: Lucia Welch
Tune: Randolph N. Currie
© 1983, GIA Publications, Inc.