How Wonderful the Three-in-One (PROSPECT, Wren)

Presented at the Church of St. Matthew on May 27, 2018. Piano: Sister Anne Becker. Guitar: Chris Stevens. Voice and guitar: Richard Schletty. Worship with us. 510 Hall Ave., St. Paul, Minnesota 55107.

Tune: PROSPECT by Graham. Text: Brian A. Wren. Copyright 1989, Hope Publishing. 

1. How wonderful the Three-in-One,
Whose energies of dancing light
Are undivided, pure and good,
Communing love in shared delight.

2. Before the flow of dawn and dark,
Creation's Lover dreamed of earth,
And with a caring deep and wise,
All things conceived and brought to birth.

3. The Lover's own Belov'd, in time,
Between a cradle and a cross,
At home in flesh, gave love and life
To heal our brokenness and loss.

4. Their Equal Friend all life sustains
With greening pow'r and loving care,
And calls us, born again by grace,
In Love's communing life to share.

5. How wonderful the Living God:
Divine Beloved, Empow'ring Friend,
Eternal Lover, Three-in-One,
Our hope's beginning, way and end.

Reprinted under ONE LICENSE #A-727705. All rights reserved. Permission to podcast/stream the music in this teaching video obtained from One License with license #A-191270.

Keywords: Trinity, Three in One, Most Holy Trinity