Glorious in Majesty - Cothran, SHIBBOLET BASADEH

Glorious in Majesty sung at the Church of St. Mary in downtown St. Paul, Minnesota, on 11/25/2017. Text: Jeff Cothran, fl.1972, © 1972, GIA Publications, Inc. Tune: SHIBBOLET BASADEH, 7 6 8 D with refrain; Jewish melody; harm. by Jeff Cothran, fl.1972

Glorious in majesty, holy in his praises,
Jesus, our Savior and our King.
Born a man yet God of old, let us all adore him:
filled with his Spirit, let us sing.

Living is to love him,
serving him to know his freedom.
Come along with us to join the praise of Jesus.
Come to Jesus now. Go to live his word rejoicing.

Victory he won for us, freeing us from darkness,
dying and rising from the dead.
Living with the Father now, yet he is among us:
we are the body, he the head.

One in love, as family, living with each other,
gladly we share each other’s pain.
Yet he will not leave us so, soon he is returning,
taking us back with him to reign.

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