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Author: Jim O'Meara (not verified)
Just wanted to let you know that my end-of-year show for The Catholic Music Express features the Top 10 Songs of 2007 here on I also have included news stories and other features to bring 2007 to a close and kick off 2008. Visit the website at! God bless! Jim O'Meara
Author: Natalie Burt (not verified)
I just found out that Crispin also has a nice song called "Guadalupe". It's on iTunes :) Enjoy!
Author: Annie Karto (not verified)
As I have commented before, the style and lyrics to this song really move my heart! Susan's voice sounds rich, and the lyrics draw the listener into this beautiful anticipation Mary must have felt....." Come feel my sigh of expectation"..... thank you, Susan for such a tender song....annie
Author: Oliver (not verified)
We have organized a choir group to sing in weekly mass for a local church here in Russia and we are looking for songs for advent . We want to download songs in mp3 or any other format so that we would learn to sing it. Any website you can suggest? I know your group can be of better help. Thanks a lot.
Author: Annie Karto (not verified)
Another outstanding Advent Song that is a must is Susan Bailey's "Wait With Me" from her CD, "Wait With Me" Advent of the Promised Son. I find this song prepares my soul for His coming more than any song I have heard for Advent! annie
Author: Tim English (not verified)
I'm used to singing " And we'll guard each one's digniity and save each one's pride." (In the Choral Praise book) The Gather Comprehensive has it "And we'll guard human's dignity and save human's pride". I'm used to singing that also. In the Battle Hymn Of The Republic that part of the verse says "He is sifting out the human hearts before his judgment seat" (At least in the Choral version of the Gather Comprehenisve) Who knows what's in the congregational version. Ever notice how the hymnals...
Author: Nancy Krebs (not verified)
Hi Annie, Welcome aboard! Great listing of songs! And boy, am I envious that you've been able to put together one of the iMixes! I still can't figure it out. My hat is off to you--fellow traveler from the 50's! Nancy <
Author: Annie Karto (not verified)
I am really inspired to see such a great website developing! To be honest... I am very un-technical!!! I can only marvel at Susan Bailey, Nick Alexander and countless other talented Catholic artists who seem to be on the "cutting edge" of all this!!!! What can I say??? I was born in the 50's!!!! I am so grateful to know such a wonderful group of artists..... this is my firt I mix..... ( Nick led me through this step by step)..... and I just sent off my CD, "Overshadow Me" to CD baby for...
Author: Nancy Krebs (not verified)
Nancy's TopCatholicSongs Thanksgiving list: I have a more traditional list for you. I just love singing these songs and hearing them sung with gusto around this time of year. For the Beauty of the Earth Now Thank We All Our God Come Ye Thankful People, Come In the Lord I'll Be Ever Thankful Let All Things Now Living We Gather Together Thanks Be to You Father, We Thank Thee, Who Hast Planted Infinite Love (written by yours truly, found on my CD One Heart at a Time...
Author: Paul Harriagn (not verified)
Hello, All I wrote a song in thanksgiving to God for His goodness and generosity. Hope you like it! God speed and Happy Thanksgiving everyone. "Thank You" Paul
Author: Joel Stein
I always liked "All Glory to God," on Matt Maher's "Welcome to Life" CD. Another great one is "Like A Train," on Ceili Rain's "Change in Your Pocket" CD. Hope this helps!
Author: Brian Michael Page (not verified)
My favorite Thanksgiving Song - definitely "Sing to the Lord of Harvest", set to the tune WIE LIEBLICH IST DER MAIEN. This is a gorgeous hymn that I got to know when I was 11 years old. Other favorites would be ones more familiar: Now Thank We All Our God We Gather Together For the Beauty of the Earth Peace, BMP
Author: Sheri Wilson (not verified)
In the worship section of the Songs Of David web site is a great song "Every Day Is A Gift" We use it many times throughout the year ( not just Thanksgiving!). We do it both atsa medium tempo in a upbeat reggae style and as a slow worshipful song - either way we loveit and it is very effective!
Author: Sean (not verified)
NPR covers the Communion Package... OK - so I just heard tonight (11/10/07 @ 6:30ish) on NPR's broadcast of A Prairie Home Companion with Garrison Keillor, a bit on the "Steri-host" or "Sani-host", I can't recall which it was as I was washing dishes, but it blew me away! The bit started off with the spread of flu so the "sign of peace" was being passed by in some churches (he speaks in regard to Lutheran or similar churches). And then the move was to go to a more sterile method of handing...
Author: Dave Gawron - ServantSong (not verified)
Yes, with a traditional song like that where everybody knows the standard lyrics, you must tell the congregation beforehand if you will be using alternates. As for the men/person issue, I can't believe that whole thing even happened. Granted, I am not female, but if I were, I can't fathom taking offense at the word men pertaining to men and woman. I mean, did these same people have a problem with the word MANkind? Is personkind preferred? Dave Gawron (official site)...
Author: Nancy (not verified)
I agree. As a cantor, it's not my place to change anything, but to lead the congregation in the words set before us in the hymnal. We are working together as a community raising our voices in a song that unites us. The only time I would have veered from the written text--would be if that had been decided by the music director ahead of time, and the congregation informed before we began the song. Nancy <><
Author: Sherry (not verified)
Nick- Interesting topic and as a cantor for nearly 25 years, I have found myself on both sides of the coin. While I agree to some extent that when you are leading others in song, you should use the lyrics that everyone has in front of them, but there are times when those lyrics cause more confusion and discourse throughout the congregation than if you simply sing what is familiar. Since ICEL came along, many of the traditional song lyrics have been changed to be "more inclusive"...while...
Author: George Lower (not verified)
I was informed by one of the parishoners where I work that the former music director (my predecessor) refused to sing the word "wretch." His rationale was that he didn't feel like a wretch and that a majority of the parishoners weren't wretches either. My first thought was, "How could he possibly know that?" In all seriousness, if you ask one hundred random people to sing the first verse of "Amazing Grace" I would be surprised if one or two used the alternate lyrics. Considering that this...