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Angela, I found a song that may be the one you are looking for. It's called Gonna Catch That Santa, written by Andy Beck and Brian Fisher. Gonna Catch That Santa sheet music and audio preview: Gonna Catch That Santa (link to a Word doc) Here are a few YouTube performances (also embedded at the bottom of my post):
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You are welcome, Richard!
Thank you, Margo!
Azar, We have an email address which is set aside for artists to send us music for our streaming radio station, CME Radio. You can address your email to Rob Ayoub. We want to promote artists who have music for sale on CDBaby or iTunes, and it helps if those links can be provided in addition to a location for us to download the album. Thank you and spread the word! Be sure to visit Richard Schletty
Suzanne, Here are some sources of music for your gentle recovery ministry. I know these artists personally and am sure you can receive permission to use their songs. Also, check out music by Jim Cowan, Songs of Praise, Maranatha/Integrity and John Michael Talbot.
Thanks, André, for posting this guide for creating sheet muic for four hands for piano. The MIDI export tips are very good to have, also.
You're welcome. Mark. Frazier's music reminds me of Tom Petty.
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Richard, Thanks for shining some light on my good friend Frazier. He introduced me to "Christian music" back in the early 80s and I got to be his roommate for several years in both college and in Nashville. He's a cool man, a musical talent and a true believer. The world would be a much better place if there were more like him. Thanks again. Mark H. Stowers 
Thanks, Frazier, for your words of appreciation for this song. I encourage you to sign on as a registered user so you can make comments w/o needing to be approved by the moderator. Please check back every so often and let us know how it's going. I'd be interested in knowing what songs you do with guitar at your church. What hymnal do you use? Is piano part of your ensemble? Other instruments? How do you balance traditional and contemporary songs? I also play guitar and sing for Masses at my...
Survey results are shown after a person has voted. Indeed, I would like for us to help each other promote Catholic artists. Send me a note here:
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Thank you for this. I would like to see contacts and results of your survey. I am promoting Catholic artists as part of New Evangelization under and please sign up!
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I have been co-leading music at my church, Sacred Heart Church Canton MS, for a few years now. It was a new thing, to add guitar to the mass, and there were some who were Not happy. But time marches on, and I have been surprised over time how well the older of the congregation have been open to embrace the newer songs. God is good. I LOVE to do the old traditional songs, and do them quite a bit. I am always looking for something in our book, that actually has a more modern times feel. This is a...
You are welcome, Mary. I am sure interested to hear how my friend Tom plays the song on piano. He is very good on keyboard. When he called me the other night, he started out singing it by heart, then grabbed his "Hymnal For Young Christians" to continue on. He pointed out a few mistakes in the verses I had posted. We will make sure everything is correct, to be true to Blue! 
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Thanks for all the research.  Glad I could challenge you! And REALLY glad that you've made so much progress.  This song has haunted me for 20+ years.  I listened to the you-tube guitar segment - it's the right song even if it's not how I remember it exactly. We sang this for our May Procession and for my grade school graduation.  I went to a large school so picture 1200 kids' voices singing this sweet melody.  I recall thinking that it must be what heavenly choirs...
Mary, I'm glad you are pleased with our detective work so far. It looks like Lorenz Publishing now owns all the F.E.L. copyrights: At the third link listed above, it explains how to request a print license (for reproducing the original sheet music) or a mechanical license (for recording and publishing the song as a performance). I'll write to...
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Nice work - tracking down fondly remembered hymns that are no longer published is great fun - and trying a different search engine is definitely a good technique. Do you think that this is still copyright?    I would expect that whoever purchased the FEL catalogs believes they own it, and may be upset if you put it here.  Or do you think it's worth the risk?
Hail, holy Queen enthroned above, O Maria.Hail, Queen of mercy and of love, O Maria. Triumph, all ye cherubim, Sing with us, ye seraphim,Heaven and earth resound the hymn:Salve, salve, salve Regina!  Our life, our sweetness, here below, O Maria!Our hope in sorrow and in woe, O Maria! Triumph, all ye cherubim, Sing with us, ye seraphim,Heaven and earth resound the hymn:Salve, salve, salve Regina! To thee we cry, poor sons of Eve, O Maria!To thee we sigh, we mourn, we grieve, O Maria!...
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The famous pop/rock duo, Seals & Crofts, at the very height of their popularity, made one of the boldest moves in pop music history when they came out with their song "Unborn Child" in 1974.  Not only did they record this great pro-life song, but they even named the album "Unborn Child". My favorite pro-life song is "Legal Kill", by King's X.  It's a very accessible ballad, done by some guys who often crank up the rock 'n roll. Another great one is "What Was I Supposed to Be", by...
Please see this story which I posted today after doing some Internet searching. I found the words and the chords, but I don't know the melody: At the above link, note that there are scanned versions of the hymn that appeared in various hymnals throughout the years. Dear Guardian of Mary Verse 1 Dear Guardian of Mary! dear nurse of her Child! Life's ways are full weary, the desert is wild. Bleak sands are all round us, no home can we see. Sweet Spouse of our Lady, we lean safe on thee....
Here are some leads: Also see this: Virgo, Rosa Virginum, Tum Precor Filium (Queen of Heaven, Blessed May Thou Be) Words: English Traditional, Before 1536Source: Edith Rickert, Ancient English Christmas Carols: 1400-1700 (London: Chatto...
My chords for Queen of the Universe, based on rendition by "Bam Gars" at VERSEA - E - F#m - F#m - D - E - A - EA - E - F#m - F#m - D - E - A - E REFRAIND - E - A - A7 - D - E - A - A7D - E - A - F#m - D - E - A - E (last time A) V1Mary, Queen of angels and the stars above A light to shine our way from the darkness of the night Mary, you're the one to whom we give our hearts Teach us how to pray and to speak our part. REFRAINYou're the Queen of...
Rob: Please do your thing. Not sure when I'll get at it. It would be interesting to compare and possibly merge our chording ideas. 
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This is a very pretty song, and thanks for the videos Richard. I should have time this week to take a crack at the chords.  But don't just wait on me if someone else is motivated! :)
I  found two recordings of Queen of the Universe at YouTube. The first rendition is with piano. I wish I could find the words for the second verse that Earthlywizard Christine sings. Very hard to understand what she is singing. This second version is performed with guitar by bam gars. Her recording is better quality. I might be able to figure out verse 2 from this: I am guessing it...
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Can someone post a link to the song Queen of the Universe?  I'm not familiar with that one.
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 I'm looking for the guitar chords of the song Queen of the Universe. I've been looking for it and Google does not have it. I'd like to teach it to my students. thanks
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I loved attending  the SCRC workshops way back in the 1980's---so much so that I would plan my vacations around the weekend dates.  However, the real joy for me began in 2009 when I started performing for the lunch and dinner crowds and sharing music.   My music ministry enables me to mix and mingle with thousands of God's beautiful Catholic Christian people, and I feel so  blessed to be a part of this special event each year!  Some fun...
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I am looking for a song that has something about in Mary's soul she has the reflection of Jesus and the light from Jesus comes thru Mary like the Eclispe of the sun.  I think it had something about the sun in the title.  I heard it on a retreat and can not remember it.  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks so much!!
Andre, you went the extra mile by including links to the plug-ins plus a link to an in-depth tutorial page. Gratitude!