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Sequence for Pentecost: Mode I (guitar and voice)

Sequence for Pentecost. Voice and 6-string nylon string guitar performed by Richard Schletty. Text: Sequence for Pentecost, 13th Century; translated by Peter Scagnelli, © 1983. Tune: Mode I; accompaniment by Adrian Engels, © Interkerkelijke Stichting voor het Kerklied.

There are two days on the church calendar (Easter and Pentecost) when the liturgy calls for a "sequence," a special hymn that may be sung or recited before the gospel. The sequence for Pentecost dates from the 12th century. This setting's text is an English translation by Peter Scagnelli. It is #981 in GIA's RitualSong hymnbook and #470 in GIA's Gather Comprehensive, Second Edition.

The song art is the center portion of a massive 50-foot-wide mural I painted for Holy Spirit Parish a few years ago. Details here: Grasped by the Holy Spirit mural

Sequence for Pentecost

Holy Spirit, Lord Divine,
Come, from heights of heav’n and shine.
Come with blessed radiance bright!

Come, O Father of the poor,
Come, whose treasured gifts endure.
Come, our heart’s unfailing light!

Of consolers, wisest, best,
And our souls’ most welcome guest,
Sweet refreshment, sweet repose.

In our labor rest most sweet,
Pleasant coolness in the heat,
Consolation in our woes.

Light most blessed, shine with grace
In our heart’s most secret place,
Fill your faithful through and through!

Left without your presence here,
Life itself would disappear,
Nothing thrives apart from you!

Cleanse our soiled hearts of sin,
Arid souls refresh within,
Wounded lives to health restore!

Bend the stubborn heart and will,
Melt the frozen, warm the chill,
Guide the wayward home once more!

On the faithful who are true
And profess their faith in you,
In your sev’n-fold gift descend!

Give us virtue’s sure reward,
Give us your salvation, Lord,
Give us joys that never end!

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